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Send Someone a Take-Care Card


Who is This Man, Jesus?

Scripture gives Jesus over 208 titles and every one of them is sufficient to provide day upon day of meditation, bringing glory, insight, wisdom, and hope.

What’s So Good About Good Friday?

Fridays are good, they lead us into the weekend. But not this Friday. A day when the criminal justice system broke down, a day when justice became a sham.

Your Long Weekend Easter Movies With ACCTV

Stuck inside? We’ve got you covered! Here’s the line-up of Easter movies on ACCTV and ACCTV Now for your viewing pleasure this long weekend.

How to Help Our Elderly in the Pandemic Shutdown

While social-distancing measures are designed to preserve our wellbeing, they can also erode the mental health of the older population.

How to Get Your Teen to Take Isolation and Social Distancing Seriously

You can use your teen’s desire for independence as a weapon for good so that they can be part of the global pandemic solution, not part of the problem.

Delicious Paleo Bagel Recipe

You only need a few basic ingredients and coconut yoghurt to make these delicious paleo bagels! In this bagel recipe you can use an airfryer or oven.

Scriptures to Cling to in This Season of Crisis

Scriptures for such a time as now, to anchor yourself in 6 Kingdom promises that remain steadfast and true through every challenge and change.

Control the Controllables

In a world where everything feels out of control, embrace the things that are familiar and safe and find small things to be thankful for in your everyday.

Tyler Ellis’s Social Experiment Shows the Gospel Isn’t as Well Known as You’d Think

Christian: Don’t assume that your friends already know the message Jesus brought to the world, don’t assume it’s common knowledge.

Businesses Should Beware of Becoming a Crisis Chameleon and Straying Too Far from Their Brand Identity

While significantly changing your business in the face of crisis can open up opportunities for maintaining momentum, business leaders must tread carefully.