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Sponsorship / Advertising on Salt 106.5

Radio puts your business in the conversation!


There is no denying that we are in the midst of an uncertain season, however, one thing that is certain is that our listeners are tuning in to receive messages of hope!

It offers you the opportunity to deliver a simple yet powerful message to a community that is interested in your product or service and is a really effective way to promote your business. Let your community know that you haven’t disappeared during this time. To help you achieve this, Salt 106.5 is offering your business some flexible radio campaigns, starting from $140 per week.

To find out more, please contact our sponsorship team via the contact form below.

Quick Facts:

  1. Salt 106.5 is the fastest growing radio station on the Sunshine Coast. Now reaching 63,000 listeners per month (ALS, Salt 106.5 July 2019 Monthly Listenership)
  2. Less Clutter – only 5 mins per hour making your business STAND OUT
  3. Family-friendly safe radio (no shock jock/smutty stuff)
  4. Affordable marketing of your business
  5. Our listenership extends from Northlakes to Noosa and up into the Hinterland.
  6. We target 25-54 year olds with a female skew, although our listenership extends outside of this range.

Salt 106.5 can help built your marketplace exposure and raise your profile! Essentially, we can help you become ‘top of mind’ and provide ‘word of mouth’ among our listeners, which in turn, will increase sales of your product or service! At the same time you’ll also be supporting Salt 106.5 by purchasing sponsorship advertising for your business, church or community group.

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