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General Terms and Conditions

Sunshine Coast Christian Broadcasters Association Inc. trading as Salt 106.5 FM.

  1. Salt 106.5 raises its income from two main sources; These are sponsorship and donations.
  2. All transactions are processed in Australian Dollars (AUD).
  3. There is therefore no return or refund policy in relation to these two funding mechanisms, although the financial responsibilities of both sponsors and Salt 106.5 are clearly set out in the terms and conditions agreed to by both parties at the commencement of each sponsorship campaign (via Sponsorship Terms and Conditions and Authority to Broadcast documentation.
  4. All prizes delivered by Salt 106.5 in relation to on air or web based competitions run by the radio station is covered in our Competition Terms and Conditions policy found on this web site.
  5. Occasionally Salt 106.5 will sell Salt 106.5 branded items such as mugs, pens, shirts, caps, etc. For any such items the following applies.
    1. Each Item will be examined at the time of sale and the purchaser will agree to the quality of the item at the time of sale.
    2. Any unrecognised production fault subsequently identified by the purchaser will be accepted by Salt 106.5 for replacement upon presentation of the purchase receipt and the faulty item.
    3. Any clothing item which, subsequent to purchase is found to be the wrong size, will be exchanged for an identical item of an appropriate size, or an alternate item of the same value provided the item is returned without damage within 3 days of purchase and upon presentation of the purchase receipt and the item to Salt 106.5