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Below are a few of the amazing testimonials from listeners just like you who have let us know the impact Salt 106.5 has had on their lives.

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Rosanne rang to tell us her beautiful story of salvation. Rosanne was a drug addict and in the darkness of her life reached out to God and discovered our beautiful Lord. She is off the drugs for good and was baptised Easter Sunday. It was wonderful talking to her and hearing about her wonderful story of salvation. She wanted to thank everyone at the radio station and on the Careline team. Your support helps us provide this vital service to the Sunshine Coast to have further impact on our listeners.

Another man told us there was this program on Salt 106.5 talking about married couples regaining trust and love in a marriage. “It was the most powerful f@%#*#g radio I’ve ever heard in my life. I found myself sitting in my car for ages listening, just sitting there in tears”. He went on to say, “It was just so refreshing to hear deep love, grace and forgiveness on a radio station”. He said “No other local radio station has any content like that”.

I love the music, the programs, the real stories and the positive and uplifting message shared. Especially Dr Robbie, Focus on the Family, Joyce Meyer and more!

Salt is so refreshing to listen to. The message that Salt portrays is very encouraging and brings such light into my life, opens my eyes to see and appreciate everything good in this world. Thank you!


The music, the friends I have on radio, the community togetherness, great ideas for cooking and living life, feeling of belonging and the general joy it brings to our family. Have especially enjoyed of late the Focus on the Family segments and marriage advice.

Salt 106.5 has been in our lives for about 2 years now. We regularly refer to articles and information we hear from the radio and bring this into our every day lives to make them better. To help us through difficult times and to help us be better people for everyone around us including our family and friends. God bless this station for many years to come and may it prosper more than we an imagine with support from our great Sunshine Coast community xx 🙂


Thank you so much for all your blood sweat AND tears! We had to donate again because, as a family we can’t afford to lose you guys! We are always encouraged listening to you through the positive messages, music and announcers words. Everything that is broadcast is geared to be helpful for the community. It helps us as parents focus on being the best us we can be, so we reflect Gods love to those around us. For our 10 Year old boy it reinforces the lessons we try to impart to him. That our life isn’t about us, it’s what we can do for others.
We are so indebted to Salt 106.5 for helping turn our lives around, for good. You have literally saved us. My husband and I were atheists who stumbled across Salt 106.5 by accident about 6 months ago, we were attracted to the station through the love and community displayed by the team. We began to open up our hearts to the scriptures you would read out each hour, and core beliefs reflected on the station through the announcers, guests, segments and other programs. This saw us question everything we had held onto in life. My husband and I started doing some research into what Salt 106.5 was constantly talking about… this led us to a local church and we have become believers in Christ. We have decided to redo our marriage vows to include God in our marriage this time. We now want Jesus to be a major part of everything we do. We now tell all our unsaved family and friends to listen to Salt 106.5 so they too will be impacted and saved.
Giving me hope!
We need more of you in today’s world!
It has brought me comfort in times of need.
If it wasn’t for you guys, I know I wouldn’t be here. You saved me from a disastrous end!
Always encouraged and challenged to live a better life!
Just coming to Christianity, I had never heard of you before! I have just started listening and it is so important to hear God’s word!
It helps to pick me up and keep me going when life seems too hard!
I was raised in a non-religious household and salt has been the perfect introduction. Good quality conversation, positive message, happy souls and a great community message.

Salt has introduced me to an abundant life and an appreciative lifestyle. It’s kept me positive when I’ve been down- to the point that family members and close friends have been prompted to ask ‘what’s changed’ [so I get to share my faith]. Salt has been a listening ear, and now the only radio my ears listen to.

Everything! The music is great and I really enjoy the word. Food for the soul.

Salt brings positive change in my daily life every time I turn it on. I always get a message that lifts me in good and bad times. Great station and truly godly led.

I love the uplifting messages across the programming, which touches so many in the community. Giving people hope in a damaged world and reaching into peoples lives and homes to spread the message that Jesus loves us, no matter how broken we are is a wonderful mission. Thank you.

Listening in the car is a way I spend time being thankful for the blessings God provides every day. As I have felt the stresses of being a carer for over 20 years, I do appreciate the calming effect of being reminded of God’s goodness & that He will never leave me or forsake me just gives me strength to carry on.

Your station has changed my life. Salt has given me hope, a sense of belonging to a like-minded community, unbelievable love and purpose.
I love Salt 106.5.  The station has gone through a great transformation and the way you are connecting with the community now is just fantastic. Salt is one of the best Christian radio stations in Queensland!
I was a bit concerned when the format changed to Salt 106.5, but I realise the change has been very necessary. Salt is being Jesus’ hands, feet and voice sharing His Love and Message of Grace. I listen to 106.5, finding it is my constant companion at home and in the car, speaking to me at different times of my day.
As soon as I turn on the radio I hear HOPE, positivity and joyful uplifting music. I often hear just what I need at the right time. It’s a positive outside influence coming in invading my world right when I need it most.
I love Salt 106.5 because the radio presenters are down to earth, the music is uplifting and it’s the only radio station that shares the hope of the world-Jesus Christ and His word.
As soon as I turn on the radio I hear HOPE, positivity and joyful uplifting music. I often hear just what I need at the right time. It’s a positive outside influence coming in invading my world right when I need it most.
“Since connecting to Salt, the flavour of my day has got much better. Each of the team have their own personality coming through the waves which i personally love to hear. When I’m working my man shed or in the car it is so relaxing, bringing peace and tranquility to me and i love that you all are so connected to Jesus. You guys are a blessing to our falling world. Keep up the great work n play… Cheers and many of Gods greatest blessings to you all.


The sermons and messages preached from God’s word are always a source of encouragement and reminder of Who is in control.
I love how you honour God with your music and your lives. You have made choices to put God first and it shows through the music and the guests. The music is so much better and I love love love how you promote Christians who are serving God. Local Christians supporting local Christians in the Community.
I love the new SALT, and the way the new format gently includes the Christian message amidst my kind of modern music. My husband is more likely to listen occasionally now too.
I have enjoyed the Joyce Meyer talks when I used to drive for my job. Now I’m liking the current ‘family friendly’ songs mixed in with worship songs, it’s great!
I find Salts music and talk shows a boost to my faith. I drive around the Coast with my job. I love the positive messages and Bible verses. Thankyou all.
Being a single mum, when going through some of life’s challenges, whether its teens or other, it is always great to hear positive messages, songs, and the friendly voices of salt 106.5 It makes each day positive and calming.
Having just moved to the Sunshine Coast a year ago, listening to the hosts on salt each morning on my way to work has made me feel more connected to the community and has helped me settle in. After living in Sydney for years it’s been a refreshing sea change, I feel healthier and happier Salt 106.5 reflects this positive energy also.
I love the uplifting messages across the programming, which touches so many in the community. Giving people hope in a damaged world and reaching into peoples lives and homes to spread the message that Jesus loves us, no matter how broken we are is a wonderful mission. Thank you.

Listening in the car is a way I spend time being thankful for the blessings God provides every day. As I have felt the stresses of being a carer for over 20 years, I do appreciate the calming effect of being reminded of God’s goodness & that He will never leave me or forsake me just gives me strength to carry on.

I love Salt 106.5 because they are family orientated and makes for very good listening when you have children in the car. I love that my son and I can also get our extra daily intake of scripture and lesson in life learnt from the bible.

My son loves music and when he is at school or with his friends there is a lot of influence with them and what he listen to. So when we listen to Salt 106.5 there is always that extra reminder for him to know that God and clean listening music is better and more appealing to his ears and to his life. You can only teach your child so much in the home but in the outside world there are so many influences that sometimes is out of your control but Salt 106.5 will always be there and I know that my son loves listening to you guys all the time.

Salt is the only station we have on and our children know the songs and they sing away in the car.. our Autistic teenage nephew who lives with us even has a giggle at the parenting teens segment when he relates to what they are talking about! We love Salt.
I appreciate the fact that it’s not trying to prove a point. I tell all my non-Christian friends about it and don’t have to worry that they might get freaked, because it’s normal, it just all up-lifting and positive. Isn’t that the main point, to reach the unsaved? This channel can do that, and in a non-judgemental, relative, real way.
I don’t have to change the stations with the kids in the car! It’s just positive, family friendly, current music and I don’t have to worry about anything untowart – as my 6 year old puts it “is this appropriate for kids?” question doesn’t need to be asked! So, thank you!

“The positive impact salt 106.5 has had on my life has to do with my son. You are the only station we listen to because the music and the announcements and all the stories are rated G and that gives me a peace of mind of what my son is listening to… Thank you Salt 106.5”

Sometimes there are moments when I feel like my head is going to explode from everything that comes with being a mum to 3 under 5 and then there will be a song or a word or a passage or an encouragement from a presenter that just helps put a positive spin on my day and helps to shift my attitude.
My daughter would sing around the house sometimes, but would mostly be secular songs. Now that we listen to 106.5 most of the time we’re in the car, I hear her singing Christian songs & can see her softening to the Lord. I also feel that I’ve grown in the Lord because of the ways He speaks to me through your station.
Where do i even start?! Haha Salt 106.5 is an absolute breath of fresh air to the Sunshine Coast. The content is top shelf, from the music, to the teaching etc. To be able to have a Christian radio station on 24/7 is SUCH a HUGE blessing to this community. Truly! You guys are absolutely rocking it and I pray Ephesians 3:20 over Salt 106.5 – ‘ above all you could ask think dream or imagine…’ In Jesus’ name!!! Amen xx
Salt has provided a radio station that I can tune into and know that I will hear great conversation that brings life.

“I like the positive feel your station has. I wake up to you guy’s in the morning and feel relaxed. Other stations seem to be too busy, ads are very racey and aggressive and that doesn’t make me feel good first up… Your station is more relaxed and give me a positive outlook. That’s a nice way to start the day!!”

I started listening to your station over last month and i have received life helping messages from Focus on the Family and Joyce Meyer’s. As well as your music uplifts my mornings, thank you so much i now leave my radio on Salt, I am so thankful for all your team for your passion and caring you may not know how much Salt is ministering.
I think that starting my day listening to Salt has given me such a positive outlook, and made me so much more likely to encourage friends and colleagues, and share the Lord’s word during the day.
Encourages me with regular scripture readings, informs me with Biblical teachings, inspires me with testimonies, uplifts me with great music, entertains me with fun DJs and their warm presentations, enables me to network within my community, enables me to contribute to my world both local and global.
I love that I can tune in on the school drive and know that my kids are going to hear safe, wholesome radio. That I don’t need to sensor and that they hear uplifting stories, music and family related topics. It’s good family radio.
I’ve enjoyed listening to the banter between the announcers. The parenting segments made me realise I’m a better parent after I’ve had some me time…. and not to feel guilty about it.
It helps to pick me up and keep me going when life seems too hard. It is full of messages, music, hints, talk shows, etc. that are positive always and help in so many ways. I even take out my Dad’s old transistor to the vege garden when I am working there. It is a huge part of my EVERY day.
It gives me an opportunity to talk to my kids about the contrast between lyrics that uphold others as opposed to pulling them down. It gives me the chance to demonstrate what we can hope for as opposed to what we might settle for.
Uplifting Christian music that inspires me, never any foul language so always 100% kids safe. Positive interviews with experts on topics that matter (parenting, married life) , giving me hope. I like to hear about the different charities around the coast, what the Churches do. And Bible words everyday whilst I’m driving around, doesn’t get better than that.
Salt 106.5 has helped to bring a positive and fresh start to my mornings and sets my day up well. I love being able to listen and absorb songs, preaching and commentary that brings encouragement and life.

“Love the choice of songs that are played, words to the songs are normally very timely for the situation that I am facing that day. The scripture verses were on point recently when going through an uncertain time due to a family health issue. Usually get out of my car feeling encouraged and ready to face the challenges ahead of me.”


“It really matters what you are listening to. Our ears are the very doors to our faith. I like Salt fm because it’s spiritual food at your finger tips. Thanks”


“I listen to salt every morning. The impact it’s had is more on my children. They have noticed the difference in radio stations and it has prompted them to ask more questions about God and life which is brilliant so thank you.

Also, I love the music range :)”

“I listen to Salt (all the time).
Words of encouragement or music seems to be on your radio station …. just when I need it!

Family members have commented about the Salt sticker that I have on my car and I’ve been able to share my faith.
My son really loves listening to your radio station.”

Clean fun Christian radio. I can listen to the radio with my kids in the car and know that they can listen to all the music! Love it 💜.

I love listening to Dr Robi and his wealth of wisdom. I feel inspired and more knowledgeable every time I listen to his conversations.

I love the Focus on Family segments, and the physiologists that come on – even though I’m a grandparent now, it gives me tips on how to be a good one!
I love that I can listen to it in the car with my kids, knowing that what we hear will be positive but also potentially act as conversation openers about important topics. It’s not just entertainment because there is also food for the soul and advice for life.
Salt grounds me. In a world that is difficult to find peace in, salt enables me to reflect on the true eccense of life. Spirituality and Love. Listening, uplifts me and encourages me.
I just like that its a christian station that can impact non-believers lives.
I love the music, its not negative. And its all about spreading gods word, i used to also like listening to the segment of joyce meyer.
Salt 106.5 positive messages and inspirational christian music as made a huge impact on my life. It has encouraged me to stay positive when things don’t look so good and the daily bible verse have made me reevaluate my life and where my focus should be (on God).