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Thank You For Supporting Life Changing Radio



Your support and partnership helps build up local families, strengthen marriages and literally save countless lives!

Your gift will help keep us on air this year. As a listener supported not-for-profit community radio station we depend on approximately 60% of our needed funds to come from you our supporters and partners.

We don’t receive any government funding, we are not owned by a mega church or another large organisation or network. We are a membership owned, locally operated registered charity and rely heavily on community involvement and financial giving. Business Sponsorship only provides a small part of the needed funds to run the radio station. Thank you for your significant partnership reaching tens of thousands with the Good News in a real relevant way.

I don’t know of a better way to reach the Sunny Coast for Jesus.

– Salt 106.5 reaches 42,000 locals every month*

– The average listener tunes in for a massive 14 hours a week*

– Almost 40% of our listeners are un-churched*. What an opportunity to share our Christian faith and provide hope for many that are otherwise hope-less.

– Research indicates Salt 106.5 helps listeners make Godly decisions, be better people (better parents), increase their prayer life, Bible reading time, and church attendance**.

– Media is one of the major influences on our society and it is vital that local Christian radio remains strong in this part of the country!

– Unfortunately, mainstream media has an ungodly agenda, is largely negative and anti-Christian. We are the only local Christian radio station going against the negatives that come with mainstream radio.

– We speak Life, Faith, Hope and Love into every listeners life.

The Gospel is free, but it takes financial support to share it with our world.
There is such a harvest before us, but we need your support right now!


* McNair July 2017
** McCrindle March 2017