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Shining Stars

We love the Sunshine Coast and we love that there are so many awesome local community groups helping out locals.

We want to celebrate them all, big and small, by giving your favourite not-for-profit community group, local charity, club, church or school a share of $100,000 worth of station sponsorship, with Salt 106.5’s SHINING STARS 2018 promotion!

Every group that gets nominated will get a slice of the ONE HUNDRED grand – when you register below, we’ll give that group a two-month online sponsorship campaign worth $500. But that’s just the start. The more you and everyone else gets involved, the more they could win… Here’s how it works:

Five times every weekday, we’ll read out the name of one registered community groups (Shining Stars). If they happen to be the group you support, they could win $1,000 worth of on-air sponsorship! Yes, that’s a total of $5,000 given back to the community every day.

Just get someone officially connected to the group to call us on 5442 1065 within 12 minutes of reading out their name. Do it in time and they will win $1,000 worth of on-air sponsorship! If it’s not won, we’ll jackpot it for the next time that day. So make sure your club captain (somebody in leadership of the group/club) let’s the whole club know their best contact number! AND TELL ALL YOUR MEMBERS, SUPPORTERS and FRIENDS TO LISTEN TO SALT 106.5 to win.

Plus, once you’ve registered your community group, club, church or school, you’ll need to get as many people as possible to vote for your organisation as possible, via the link below.

The group with the most LOVE (votes) by 8am on Friday 18th May will win $25,000 worth of on-air station sponsorship including a LIVE outdoor broadcast with all the Salt crew.