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When you give to Salt 106.5’s End of Financial Year Appeal with your gift of $100 or more, you are helping release a Pregnancy Care Package to a mother and child in need living in Colombia through our partnership with Compassion Australia.

Double your impact by giving $100 or more to Salt 106.5

In doing so you’ll be releasing a Pregnancy Care Package in partnership with Compassion Australia. Your financial gift to this radio station will inspire another close friend of Salt 106.5 and Compassion to provide the Pregnancy Care Package sent on your behalf. Your gift to this local home mission Salt 106.5 and the partnership with Compassion is how you can have double the impact right now. It’s all because of your investment into local families on here on the Sunny Coast… the big bonus is you’ll impact a complete stranger living in poverty in Colombia at the same time.

The Compassion Mums and Babies project is so important because…

  •  830 WOMEN DIE DAILY 302,000 each year — from complications in pregnancy and childbirth, 99 per cent of them in developing countries
  •  4.5 MILLION BABIES born this year won’t reach their first birthday, and more than two million will die within one month of life

Here is how it works, you give a gift to Salt 106.5 stays here supporting this local mission (Salt 106.5), and at the same time your gift to this radio station will inspire another close friend of Compassion Australia and Salt 106.5 to provide this relief as described below.

For mums and babies living in poverty, the first year of a child’s life is critical for survival. Through generous supporters, Compassion works with mums and babies to prevent premature death, secure good health and enable positive development for babies and their caregivers. In partnership with Compassion, local churches run activities and carry out regular home visits.

The Mums and Babies Project aims for a mother and child to be physically healthy, encouraged in self-confidence and able to build healthy relationships, equipped with life skills and be given the opportunity to hear the gospel message.

Your best gift of $100 or more to Salt 106.5 today provides the following support.

  • Baby Essentials Kit
  • Pregnancy Care
  • Birth Attendant
  • Baby’s Medical Care for One Year
  • Nutrition Support to prevent/treat malnutrition