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Meet The Team

Salt 106.5 is member driven and run by the staff and volunteers.

As Salt 106.5  is a faith-based ministry, the committee, volunteers and staff would love you to prayerfully consider supporting the work of Salt 106.5 either by making a financial gift or becoming a volunteer.


New Announcer

To be announced


Kristian McFarlane

Breakfast Announcer

Married with 4 daughters, loves early mornings, the beach and great coffee.
Napping advocate, part time vegan, Personality Type: ENFP (The Campaigner)
I like mowing, audiobooks and air-con.


Steve Dunster

Assistant Content Director / Announcer

Originally from Toowoomba, Steve spent about 20 years in Education before coming to radio. He loves music, singing and sport.The Long Lunch kicks off with your Lunch-box Requests, so make sure you let Steve know what your favourite song is. Plus he’ll let you know what’s on in your community – good friends, great company and a message of hope with Steve D, weekdays from 12 on the all new Salt 106.5.


Fiona Cameron

Radio Announcer

Fiona started in radio at 15 and in her 30-year career, she has recorded nearly 7000 interviews with musicians, actors, celebrities, politicians, authors and people on the street and enjoys a hearty discussion on the deep and meaningful issues in life. Being a single mum to a creative teen brings its challenges and rewards, and Fee says she wouldn’t change a thing that has brought her beautiful daughter into her life. Despite not having a lot of free time, Fee loves motorcycling, writing, theology and sailing!


Luke and Susie Holt

Radio Announcers

Luke and Susie are a unique on-air combination as a husband and wife duo who love to explore the depths of life but equally love to laugh with everything in the belly behind it.
Both Luke and Susie have served as youth ministers in churches before being in radio and together bring a rare ability to talk on-air about faith in an incredibly natural and engaging manner. They weave faith and faith principles through all that they do.
They are parents of three lower primary age boys: Tyson, and twins Toby and Royden and have been married 14 years this year.